How was your experience working with a coach?

Working with Maria was really helpful, she was supportive throughout the programme, celebrated every success with me and she was incredibly positive.

How have you changed in the time you’ve been in the program?

There have been so many positive changes during the last year.  My health has improved – I haven’t even had a cold!, how I eat, what I eat, my strength (physical and emotional), how I move, my mindset, my sleep, how I feel about myself and my life…in short pretty much everything!

What reservations you had before we started working together (3 sentences)?

Before I started PN coaching a year ago I was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough to keep up with the programme, that I wouldn’t lose weight and that I would spend a year eating differently to the rest of my family.

How was I able to help you with your reservations (3 sentences)?

None of my reservations were necessary, the programme is easy to follow and keep up with, just show up everyday. Because I showed up and tried everyday I did lose weight (13kg in a year).  While I do sometimes eat differently to the rest of my family I am a positive role model at those times for my children and they are now more aware of a healthy eating approach and the choices they can make.


Can you describe your 1 or 2 goals when you started?

My goals when I started were:

  1. To take control of my health and fitness
  2. To be more physically active (to feel that I have a choice about physical activity)
Do you believe that the changes you’ve made are sustainable enough to continue even after the program?

I do feel that I have made sustainable changes and that the nutrition habits I have formed over the last year are sustainable without the programme.  However I have decided to do a second round of the programme to work on my exercise in more depth, because due to a pre existing problem with my back I didn’t feel able to fully engage with the planned exercise programme.  Having managed my back I am ready to get back to it.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining the program?

Do it, it has been the most positive experience I have ever had that has supported me to take control of my life, not just my weight but to actually honestly and consistently engage with my health and fitness.

Anything else you’d like to add

Give it a go, commit and show up every day, you won’t believe what you can achieve.



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