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As a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer/Pilates instructor with over 10-years of experience, Maria brings a wealth of health and fitness knowledge to the table with her fitness coaching programs. Maria worked for over two years at the largest online nutrition company in the world, mentoring thousands of women and developing coaching approaches that produced tangible results. Through her mentorship, Maria refined her coaching approach to mental and physical training, building on her accumulated training to make a difference in people’s lives.

Born in Athens, Greece, Maria spent the first few years of her childhood toggling between Greece and the United States.

Always realising a love of athletics, Maria continued to work in office roles, making her way up the chain, until her father died in 2006. Inspiring self reflection, Maria quit smoking, started a family, decided to face her fears head on, and became a personal trainer.

After the premature birth of her son, postnatal depression, financial woes, and personal obsession with leanness that led to a collapse at the gym, Maria decided to get out ahead of her health and signed for coaching and transformed her life.

Today, Maria’s number one passion is to build women’s confidence by focusing on essentials that are conducive to an inner and outer transformation. Using technology to make her services accessible to any woman looking to make a change, Maria provides real, authentic, and expert guidance that is customised to the client, with ongoing support and sustained encouragement needed to make lasting changes.

No gaps. No gimmicks. No false promises.

Just personal, accessible, and one-on-one support from an educated and experienced personal training and nutrition coach, made available to women throughout the world.


It’s a rare challenge that Maria Krick has not met and overcome. Maybe that’s why she inspires such trust. With wisdom born of experience, she can help you transcend your struggles and transform your self-doubt into self-confidence.

“Good health comes from the intention to make a deliberate choice to promote one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. As a coach, I want to unlock your strengths and abilities, help you discover what motivates and inspires you, so you consistently engage with your health and fitness goals. My passion is to empower women to engage in activities that are self-affirming and cast a vote in favour of their self-care, so they feel in control of their lives.”

Coach since 2008

Clients: 1000+

Challenges overcome: living abroad, career change, financial difficulties, depression, practicing self-care

Other sport activities: Pilates, weight lifting, skiing

Courses & Qualifications

  • Certified Online Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Master Certification Level 2 (2017)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 (2016)
  • Nick Tumminello – Practical Programme Design (2016)
  • Suspension Training (2014)
  • Gravity Pilates (2014)
  • Client Psychology and Motivation (2012)
  • Mat Pilates L3 Qualification (2011)
  • Pilates for Special Populations – Seniors and Pregnancy (2009)
  • Mat Pilates Fundamentals, Improver, Advanced (2008)
  • Circuit Training (2008)
  • Nutrition and Weight Management (2007)
  • GP Referral (2007)
  • Torso Training and Core
  • Stability (2006)
  • Personal Training and Advanced Instruction (2006)
  • Gym Instruction (2006)


  • Prince 2 Registered Practitioner – APM GROUP (2008)
  • Stehle Associates, London: ISEB Certificate in Business Analysis (2005)
  • Aston University, Birmingham: BSc Information Technology for Business 2.1 (2004)



Born in Athens Greece. Family life was stressful. Growing up she loved sports such as running, basketball and tennis.


She won the local tennis championships and at last beat the undefeated no.1 tennis player. She felt empowered by sports! 


Graduated from school and with no clear vision of what she wanted to do in life she decided to start secretarial studies until she found her true calling.


Started windsurfing. One day she had to swim for an hour back to shore with her surfing board.


Had an opportunity to start a career in IT . Within a year she was promoted to account manager and soon moved into IT.


Emigrated to the UK to pursue a university degree . She struggled to fit in and she was  missing her family and friends.


Graduated from university secured the executive-level job of her dreams. But the reality didn’t match her fantasy. She worked long hours and didn’t have time to build friendships. She smoked to cope with the stress. Worst of all, her job left her without a sense of purpose.


Father died . This prompted an important phase of self-reflection and growth. She quit smoking. Now her passion to learn all she could about health and fitness began. At last, she had found her true calling.  


She got married and began planning a family.


She left her job in IT and certified as a Personal  Trainer and Pilates Instructor.


Alex was born – The difficult (and premature) birth undermined Maria’s budding confidence. Lacking role models or support in the UK, she feared she wasn’t a good mother and struggled to cope .


Harry was born. It coincided with a crisis in the family’s finances. Maria had to return to full-time work. For the following six years, she and her husband fought to stay afloat.


Signed up with a bikini competition prep coach. It was during this difficult period that her love of fitness devolved into a damaging need to regulate her body. She got extremely lean but developed an eating disorder and battled with constant fatigue. She stopped getting coaching and gained weight…


She began her journey to deep mental and physical health. Maria signed up as a coaching client with Precision Nutrition Coaching and sought the help of a therapist. At last, she understood that changing her appearance would never make her happy. She needed to look inside to cope with the stresses of her present and resolve the traumas of her past. With coaching, she finally looked and felt her best, learnt how to nurture her mind and nourish her body. At last, she was able to trust her body without relying on an extreme regimentation.


With coaching, she finally looked and felt her best, learnt how to nurture her mind and nourish her body. At last, she was able to trust her body without relying on an extreme regimentation.


Became a mentor for Precision Nutrition. She was a support system for thousands of women trying to make nutritional and lifestyle changes.


Started a job as an Assistant Coach for Precision Nutrition. She brought the benefit of her experience and self-understanding to women. Strong enough to share her own vulnerability, Maria helped women discover their own best version of their self.


“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

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Maria would like to retain some of the information gathered from you (it will be stored on a password protected hard drive), for the purposes of keeping in touch and updating you with relevant information. This information will never be shared with a 3rd party without your direct consent. By clicking ‘Sign Up’  you understand and agree with Maria Krick retaining this information to contact you.


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